Making a real sound

William Gass selects William Gaddis’s The Recognitions as one of the “12 Most Important Books in His Life”:

The Recognitions was a thunderclap. It was a dull decade, the 50s, but here was a real sound. … And the 60s would be the novel’s best ten years. But here was Mr. Cranky to accompany Sir Style. Here was a man even madder about the general state of things than I was. Here was a man whose business was seeing through — seeing through bodies, minds, dreams, ideals — Superman was Mr. Magoo by comparison. And here was a man who immediately reminded me of another hero (they can’t all be present), the Viennese culture critic Karl Kraus, because this man collected mankind’s shit, too, and knew where to throw it, and knew where to aim the fan.

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