Europe and the myth of the nation-state

The crisis of Brexit and the European Union has reached a breaking point in the past few days, even as I was recovering from my recent stay in Paris. For that reason, I offer below the latest episode of Timothy Snyder Speaks, “The European Union,” published a few days ago. In this episode, the historian examines the differences between self-serving myth and clear-eyed history, the collapse of the great European imperial powers in the early twentieth century, and what this means for Europe (and, by extension, Russia and the United States) today. Snyder is a great hand-talker, but he’s a great, informed talker generally, even as he offers sometimes surprising and controversial observations.

You can find the rest of Timothy Snyder Speaks here. And for more on the current crisis in the EU, read Timothy Garton Ash‘s essay for the Guardian, published yesterday, and yesterday’s editorial in the New York Times.