Sparkling tenaciousness

It’s always a pleasure to drop in on our good friend Erwin Schröttner once in a while. In a new segment from his series Erwin Cooks, he heads to the lovely Finger Lakes in upstate New York to visit the Dr. Konstantin Frank winery, where he explores the history of these unique vineyards (planted in 1958, they’re among the oldest in the United States; a fourth generation of Franks now runs the place) in “Tenaciousness and Innovation: A Familiar Immigrant Story.”

Dr. Frank himself was a U.S. transplant from Ukraine, from which he emigrated at the age of 52, bringing with him the knowledge that made it possible to make such great Central European wines as riesling and grüner veltliner only a few hours north of New York City. And that sparkling riesling shown in the video already has me thirsty for more. Fortunately for me, Astor Wines & Spirits carries a few fine varieties.

Take it away, Erwin: