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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mark Twain in Vienna

I can truthfully say that, in all my travels, I have never felt so well as in this wonderful gemütlichen Vienna, a city from whose splendid yet graceful proportions I have derived so much inspiration that I could put to good use.

Twain spent nearly two years in Austria from 1897 to 1899 and wrote two of his best late works of fiction, "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg" and The Mysterious Stranger, there; in Vienna itself he met Sigmund Freud, who said of their meeting, "I treated myself to listening to our old friend Mark Twain in person, which was a sheer delight." Candy Fresacher wrote a short essay about his visit for The Vienna Review in March 2008, and Carl Dolmetsch covered his Austrian stay more comprehensively in Our Famous Guest: Mark Twain in Vienna.

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