Coney Island Baby

UPDATE: I’m told that the two-LP vinyl release will also include a fold-out poster of the original cover art by R. Crumb. Damn me for lacking a turntable …

I’ve been a fan of Eden & John’s East River String Band for some time, so it’s with no little anticipation that I await the delivery of their new album, Coney Island Baby, out just this week from City Hall Records. Eden Brower and John Heneghan are joined by the likes of Robert Crumb, Ernesto Gomez, Pat Conte, Eli Smith, Geoff Wiley, Walker Shepard and Jackson Lynch for 17 great American songs such as “Nobody’s Business if I Do,” “He’s Funny that Way,” “The Possum Rag” and “Poor Boy, Long Ways from Home.”

The ERSB is one of the few outfits playing this peculiar kind of classic American music these days — equal parts Piedmont and country blues, Tin Pan Alley, and plain old good-time tunes. I wrote just a little about them here. The new album is available on eBay (now) and Amazon (not ’til January, though). Below is a taste: Eden and John are joined by R. Crumb in somebody’s living room earlier this year, playing the title track from the album.

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