This week I reviewed a new brief history of Philadelphia; returned to Philadelphia to remember my father on the ninth anniversary of his death; and made plans to hear some music in Brooklyn and see a movie on the Lower East Side.

There’s no better way to end the week than with a seven-minute exercise in extreme comic frustration. In “Verbatim: What Is a Photocopier?” (2014), filmmaker Brett Weiner reenacts a real-world court deposition that leaves two attorneys, a stenographer, and a poor sap speechless. “What you see is, word for word, an excerpt from what the record shows to have actually unfolded,” Weiner says in his production notes. “However, I did give the actors creative range to craft their performances. As such, this is a hybrid of documentary and fiction. We’ve taken creative liberties in the staging and performance to imbue the material with our own perspectives.” The resulting film played around the country, winning the audience award at the Dallas International Film Festival and leading to a short series of sequels for the New York Times.

See you at Cafe Katja this afternoon. And, after the day he’s had, you might find “Dave” there too.

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