This week I took a look at what you can and can’t put on a subway ad, and looked back to Richard Foreman (not to mention his new film, available now). And don’t forget — tonight’s the night to get schooled (Second Viennese Schooled, that is) by Marilyn Nonken and friends at NYU.

If you need a little palate cleanser before indulging in Schoenberg and Webern’s depths, why not try “Take a Look at that Baby,” from the same-titled 2013 album by Eden & John’s East River String Band? The video below is a loving homage to the Keystone comedies of 100 years ago, featuring Eden Brower in the Mabel Normand role, John Heneghan as Fatty Arbuckle, and Robert Crumb as Al St. John. Their new album, Coney Island Baby, is due shortly, and rumor has it that John and Eden will be joined by Crumb for an appearance at the Brooklyn Folk Festival next year. Get yer feets tappin’, people! And see you at Cafe Katja this afternoon. Prost!

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