Roundup: Snark, laughter, and Morton Feldman

R. Crumb, “A Short History of America.”

This week I encouraged you to take a few hours to wrap yourself in the music of Morton Feldman next month, raised a flag to ridicule, and recommended a worthy current affairs podcast to which you should give your attention.

Now hanging on my living room wall, a gift from my wife and daughters (thanks, loves!), is a beautifully framed giclée print of R. Crumb’s A Short History of America, a work about which I wrote here. (And more about the print itself from Alexander Wood — who reproduced it in collaboration with Crumb himself — here.) In Terry Zwigoff’s documentary of the artist, critic Robert Hughes in a few words convincingly put Crumb’s work in a tradition of satiric graphic art that began with Bruegel, Goya, and Hogarth. You can hear his remarks below. See you next week, or at Cafe Katja this afternoon, where I’ll be lifting a glass to posterity.