Friday video

Ben Stein in Larry Gelbart’s “Mastergate: A Play on Words.”

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned Larry Gelbart’s Mastergate: A Play on Words, which ran on Broadway for 69 performances back in 1989. A satire of the scandal-ridden eight-year Reagan administration, it may be worth another look as we careen into what is likely to be a wealth of investigations into the six-month Trump administration; although it closed quickly on Broadway, an all-star film version was presented on the Showtime cable network in 1992. The below excerpt features Tim Reid, Buck Henry, David Ogden Stiers, and Ed Begley Jr. If the pivoting and obfuscation sound eerily familiar, they should. The full version (also featuring Richard Kiley, Bruno Kirby, Jerry Orbach, Ben Stein, James Coburn, and Burgess Meredith) is now available for streaming on Vimeo.

See you this afternoon at Cafe Katja, where I’ll lift my glass to co-owner and friend Erwin Schrottner’s three Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominations for Erwin Cooks (in the categories of Lifestyle Program Feature/Segment, Program Host/Moderator, and Photographer [Program]). Prost! And congratulations!

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