John Oliver’s reality check on the refugee “crisis”

Scary times call for a scared man.

Tucked away in the late-Sunday-night ghetto of pay cable, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight has been on hiatus since late last year; it’s scheduled to return on Sunday, February 12. What differentiates Oliver’s satiric current affairs program from others like The Daily Show are the 10-20 minute deeply researched, informational reports on a variety of subjects — everything from retirement plans to Trump University, and more. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these without learning something I didn’t know before. (And as something of a public service, HBO posts these reports on YouTube the day after they air on HBO. You can find a full archive of them here.)

Last September, Oliver explained the process by which refugees are investigated before being allowed into the US — something that came up again this weekend. So here’s a little education for you. And no doubt Oliver will hit the ground running later in February.

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  1. According to a statistic I read somewhere a few years ago, many Americans get a portion of their news—i.e., their information about what’s going on—from evening comedy shows such as The Daily Show. This is a little disturbing, but not as bad as it sounds; in responding to current events, the shows convey something of what those events are. But I agree that John Oliver’s show sets itself apart with its in-depth reports. Like you, George, I’ve never seen one without learning something, although I admit I don’t see the show regularly. Having read a fair amount about refugee admission, immigration, naturalization, and the like over the years, I have some idea of what’s involved, but I won’t be surprised if I learn something from Oliver’s report on that too.

    The only problem I detect here is that the people who ought already to know these things or who ought to learn them before pulling the voting lever are pretty likely not to be watching John Oliver’s show or reading your blog. I know one or two people like that, and as soon as I check the video myself I plan to alert them to it. Thanks for sharing it.

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