It’s been a long hard week for many people in many ways. As I mentioned a few days ago, along with outrage, grim laughter may not be out-of-place either.

The New York Times isn’t usually considered a satiric magazine, but even they’re getting into the act with the below parody of a 1943 government film called Japanese Relocation. You can watch it on C-SPAN; according to those fine ladies and gentlemen, “Milton Eisenhower hosted and narrated this 1943 film that attempts to justify the need to move Japanese Americans from their West Coast homes to internment camps in isolated areas of the west and mid-west. The film traces the process of leaving homes and businesses behind to move to various relocation centers.”

The New York Times video was produced by Taige Jensen, Leah Varjacques and Japhet Weeks. Ah, satire. I’ll be raising a glass to it at Cafe Katja this afternoon.