Love, no border

Over the past several years, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir have made holiday visits to Joe’s Pub, and this year is no exception. On Sundays at 2:00 p.m. from now through December 23, they’ll be offering their freewheeling Love, No Border service at the Public Theater’s club — a production of […]

Now spinning in his grave: John Peter Zenger

Just a short note from me today to let you know that Issue #8 of The American Bystander, the print humor magazine quixotically edited and published by Michael Gerber, dropped a few weeks ago, featuring (as usual) excellent work from various alumni of National Lampoon, Spy, SNL, and The New Yorker. You can snag a […]

Happy 185th to Petroleum V. Nasby

September 20 marked the 185th anniversary of the birth of David Ross Locke, the Civil War-era journalist who created the Rev. Petroleum Vesuvius Nasby, described by his creator as “a nickel-plated son of a bitch.” Last year I posted a brief appreciation; I republish it below, with a few minor revisions. Locke was born on […]

Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle

It was only a matter of time before Steve Coogan’s feckless, tactless TV/radio personality Alan Partridge found himself in a mockumentary, and so he did two years ago. Once again seeking some kind of redemption and fame, Partridge abandoned his DJ duties to produce, executive produce (not sure what the difference is there except for […]